Economic Recovery after COVID

I believe that we should collaborate with medical doctors on battling COVID-19 and to safely reopen our economy.

Lower Taxes

During my time in the Florida House, I have fought bureaucratic growth by supporting a historic $350 million dollar tax relief bill, which cut over $1 billion in spending.

Value Our Teachers

I voted for a historic teacher pay raise and funding for our state colleges and universities.

Protect Our Rights

The rights our founding fathers laid out in the Constitution have made America the longest-enduring republic in history. The right to life and to keep and bear arms must be cherished and protected. I co-sponsored a law that would require minors to get parental consent before getting an abortion and have an A-rating with the NRA.

Fight Crime

One of government’s primary responsibilities is to keep citizens safe. We must be tough on crime to keep our schools safe and to deter would-be lawbreakers.

Preserve Our Environment

Our natural resources must be a top priority. We must keep our beaches and other waterways clean and pristine for the sake of our environment and our economy. I passed a bill that supports hunters and fishers on public lands because Florida's environment is our biggest economic engine.