Playing our national anthem should be required in Florida

Dec 27 , 2021

At a time when our country is deeply divided on law enforcement funding, critical race theory, vaccine and mask mandates, election integrity and border security, the national anthem stands as a symbol of our shared sacrifice, struggles and values as a nation. As such it is an opportunity for unity, but it is also a civic…

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Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster was Avoidable

Aug 23 , 2021

The humiliating, precipitous, poorly planned rush to get out of Afghanistan after 20 years of sacrifice by American military personnel was the worst U.S. foreign policy failure since Vietnam. Period. And given all we know of Joe Biden’s long list of foreign policy bungles; it is sadly not surprising.  It was always a mistake to…

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Sep 22 , 2020

State Representative Tommy Gregory has established the More Jobs and Better Wages PC as a vehicle to raise awareness of the dangers of a constitutionally mandated $15 minimum wage. Today, State Representative Tommy Gregory announced that he has established the More Jobs and Better Wages PC to make voters aware of the dangers of Amendment…

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Reduce student debt through a free market approach to higher education

Sep 9 , 2020

Before COVID-19, before nationwide protests, and before rioting shook our streets, one of the biggest issues during the Democratic presidential primary debates was that of the absurdly high cost of college and associated student debt. It’s a legitimate issue. College is exceedingly expensive. But the Democratic candidates never got into why college costs have been…

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Florida Democrats targeted black incumbents

Aug 20 , 2020

A major fissure within the Democratic Party has come into focus right here in Florida: the division between pro-life, pro-school choice Democrats and pro-abortion, school union-beholden Democrats. This division, while mainly ideological, is falling out along racial lines. Now, we have witnessed Florida Democrats successful efforts to remove from office three black Democrat incumbents for…

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