Changing our mindset to re-open Florida and America

Jun 1 , 2020

During my career in the Air Force, I was taught and used a decision-making process called the OODA loop — OODA being an acronym for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This four-step approach to decision making focuses on rapidly gathering information, putting it in historical and current context, deciding appropriate actions and then executing. It’s a…

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Responsible budgeting allows Florida to respond to pandemic needs

Apr 19 , 2020

There are two stories running in the background of the COVID-19 pandemic that too few people are taking note of, or even recognize: the critical role of sound budgeting in good times in order to create reserves for a time of crisis. It sounds boring and less important than other things government can spend money…

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Cutting the red tape in Tallahassee — for real

Feb 25 , 2020

In Gov. Ron DeSantis’ speech to a joint session of the Legislature on opening day a few weeks ago, he said: “Tax lightly, spend wisely and regulate reasonably.” That is a perfect encapsulation of solid conservative governance. But we don’t always spend enough serious energy on the last point: regulation. Regulations as much as taxes…

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Florida’s economy needs more manufacturing jobs

Jan 25 , 2020

Floridians have long cited the need to diversify our economy to keep us from being so heavily dependent on just a few industries — industries that are subject to deep cycles. We saw once again how this works during the last recession when Florida went from having an unemployment rate that was below the U.S….

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Make outdoor activities more accessible to Floridians as part of wise conservation

Jan 4 , 2020

Floridians know full well the problems with invasive species of animals. From feral hogs destroying pastures and damaging cattle to pythons upending the ecological balance of the Everglades, invasive species can wreak havoc on our environment. These aren’t problems we can solve overnight, nor are they problems government alone can solve. Long-term solutions need to…

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